Human effort has been constantly reduced through the upgrades of technology. It basically improves the processes and systems in one’s daily lives. Specific evidence of such advancement is the internet, where everything is instant and accessible. Lifestyle, entertainment and business profit from such benefits throughout the world. People are now more connected with each other even with those who are located half-across the globe. From there, the initiative then started to develop applications that are only one-tap away from just about what one needs. Real estate marketers took the chance to be more on top of the game. Today, the online listing is one of the effective platforms that reach numerous prospect clients in buying, selling and renting properties available.

The study of  2018 Real Estate in a Digital Age, states that around 70% of realtors use social media for professional use. It was also found that there are three tech tools that have given the highest quality of leads: social media at 47%, MLS site at 32 %, brokerage’s website and listing aggregator site, both at 29 %. The data apparently shows how the use of new media contributes to the marketing approach of the realty community. This could also be one of the pillars in sustaining tourism hospitality to every country and especially in the Philippines. 

Cebu is recently reported to be recognized as Asian’s second-best island from travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler. The prestige of the island led to The Hotel, Resort, and Restaurant Association of Cebu (HRRC) to expect more tourists visiting Cebu. From an interview with SunStar Cebu, “We have proven again that we are one of the best tourist destinations in Asia. It comes to show that with our efforts with the new airport, the new gateway that we have, it brings in more international tourists as well as local tourists enjoying Cebu as a destination.” said Carlo Suarez, president of HRRC.  In connection with this, Cebuano entrepreneurs are now preparing for the huge wave of the said opportunity. This includes homestay business and rentals that are also beneficiaries of Sugbo’s raging competitive tourism industry. 

If one would dig all the gems of what makes Cebu irreplaceably beautiful, it would certainly take forever but just to mention a few, the municipality of Santa Fe will definitely be on the list. The place’ perimeter occupies the southeastern portion of Bantayan Island together with the islands of Guintacan or Kinatarkan, Hilantagaan, and Hilantagaan Diot. Santa Fe, known for its beautiful beaches is mostly called “The Boracay” in Cebu but it is actually the opposite if tranquility is what one needs in an escapade. Proud Sante Fehanon Nash Wildi said that their place is a quiet place one can really enjoy with nature and their fresh delicacies served right from the blue waters. It is also a great place to stay in because the locals are very accommodating, she also guaranteed that travelers will never get lost on the way. 

Nash and her family is a host for homestay rentals since 2018. The house for rent is located in Boraska Street, Barangay Talisay Santa Fe, Cebu. They considered putting the property in the market since they were already constructing a bigger house in the same lot. Nash lists the properties in the most popular travel apps nowadays: Agoda, Airbnb, and “It helps businesses like ours so we can market our property and a lot of people can see that there is a property like this in our place,” she said. Online listing has been valuable for property owners like Nash in reaching out to a foreign and local tenant who is looking for a place to stay. Furthermore, it helps the tourism economy as a lot of people will be enticed to visit and explore the area knowing it has good nooks to rest too, right after the trips. 

Wildi family’s property is in the center of the town which is also near the market, restaurants, church and the beaches. All of the aforementioned is just around a 3-5 minute walk. The rate is Php 500 per head, above 10 pax but it may be discounted depending on how many nights the tourists will be staying. Travelers who are fond of touring on wheels, the host also has a bike for rent which costs Php 150 per day. They also accept monthly and yearly rentals.

Per night:

10 pax – Php 5,000
9 pax – Php 4,500
8 pax – Php 4,000
7 pax – Php 3,500
5-6 pax – Php 3,000
4 pax – Php 2,500
3 pax – Php 2,000
2 pax – Php 1,500

The property has a living room, comfort room, kitchen and family room. Check-in time is 2 pm and time out is noon the next day. Amenities include Towels, Extra beds, Cooking Stove, Utensils, Cooking tools, Refrigerator, etc.

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