Buyers, Alert: Real Estate Scams in the Philippines

Like a pest in a host, scams are just as inevitable in any industry. Real Estate Philippines’ growth benefits the country’s economy and its people. Relentlessly, frauds are also on its on-the-job crawling under the sleeves of legit realtors and buyers, taking advantage of the current high market. The government’s effort through the Professional Regulation […]

The Advantage of On-Trend Property Listing

Human effort has been constantly reduced through the upgrades of technology. It basically improves the processes and systems in one’s daily lives. Specific evidence of such advancement is the internet, where everything is instant and accessible. Lifestyle, entertainment and business profit from such benefits throughout the world. People are now more connected with each other […]

Budget-Friendly Townhouse Rentals in Cebu: Where will your P500 take you?

Cebu as we know it is a glowing gem rich in heritage, culture, mountainscapes, water bodies, food, warm locals and other things that a traveler is yet to discover. One day trip will never be enough to experience it all that is why there are hotels, inns, room for rent in Cebu City that are […]

Know the Government Housing Agencies in the Philippines

Every country has hopes to provide a comfortable shelter for all its citizens despite the battle of economic status. As specified at Securing The Future of Philippine Industries (STFPI), the Philippine house sector aims to eliminate the housing backlog by the year 2030. To reach that goal, the government formed housing agencies that will help […]

Starting Real Estate Venture in College

Being a student, one must juggle time for schoolwork, household tasks, extracurricular activities and leisure hours. It certainly tough to manage everything all at once, much more if one pursues an early path in building a career. Real estate is a kind of business avenue where one mostly witness people in tight suit and tie, […]

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