Cebu as we know it is a glowing gem rich in heritage, culture, mountainscapes, water bodies, food, warm locals and other things that a traveler is yet to discover. One day trip will never be enough to experience it all that is why there are hotels, inns, room for rent in Cebu City that are available for tourists to sleep in for the night or to steal a power nap before the expedition continues. Be that as it may, there are zero guarantees that all those places are right on one’s budget. Clever digital geek suggests scanning apps that might help like AirBnB,, 9 flats But if one still has the energy, one may stroll for a while and ask people for a few recommendations though this is quite risky. 

Perhaps it is hard to find that ‘perfect’ place considering the proximity to one’s destination the next day, safety and by all means, one’s budget allowance. However, worries are off the table. Here are the top four townhouses in Cebu that will make one’s wallet jump right out of excitement. This may be one of the days that 500 pesos are all a traveler needs to survive in this crazy adventure called life.

Deca 4, Bankal, Lapu-Lapu Cebu

For only P522 per night, guests of four can already enjoy the entire house. Deca 4 is only kilometers away from Mactan Cebu International Airport hence, this is an ideal place for those who are arriving late at night and vice versa. Although the townhouse is full of small corners, the host managed to put green pets that will soothe tired eyes from the trip. The master bedroom’s balcony is displayed with palm collection while the two other bedrooms are also adorned with colorful flower plants. Guests can utilize the kitchen, including the gas stove, oven, microwave, electric water dispenser, rice cooker, and refrigerator. They can also catch up with the latest news and noontime teleseryes for the TV is part of the amenities. Owners also offer car and bike rentals for those who want to tour around the city.

Flora’s Homestay, Lapu-Lapu Cebu

A two-unit townhouse that is newly renovated with a total of four bedrooms, might be in the next list of a family’s itinerary. Each bedroom has its own toilet and bathtub which indeed is total privacy. The two living rooms, kitchen, and dining area usable for the guests. For lite travelers who need to wash their clothes or cellophane bags, the laundry area is also available. Flora’s Homestay is in the exclusive subdivision of BF Homes Marigondon but within proximity of stop shops, markets, and island tour outlets. The host offers rent-a-car services and guests can also hire a driver for the vehicle but with prior arrangements. Per night is only P526.

The Purple House, San Fernando Cebu

The townhouse from San Fernando Cebu has a  combination of house colors’ purple and white that sets the delightful atmosphere for those backpackers who want to take a break from the city’s everyday hustle. One would not need to go to the rural’s supermarkets to buy one’s needs because the townhouse itself has its sari-sari store. Travelers can also check the online maps and destination descriptions not only through their mobile phones but also in a computer right in their internet cafe. These are all accessible for just P534 per night.

Zen Life Guest House, Cebu City

“Being Zen” means one is in the state of at peace in his thoughts and being self-aware of the place. This townhouse offers guests the zen life they need during the travel. Zen Life Guest House is just located in the center of Cebu City. One of the best features that the host is mostly proud of is their 24-hour safety security around the area. Divided in three:the first floor is the workers’ headquarters and also a common area where guests share the living room, dining, laundry with free use of washing machine and other necessary spaces; the second deck has two bedrooms, one is good for 6 pax and 8 for the other ; the third floor is where the master bedroom with a terrace, which made for travelers to enjoy the overlooking night view. Experience this serene nook with just P522.
As one noticed, the prices are not exactly P500 close, but adding around 20-26 pesos doesn’t hurt a budget. At least, the cost for rentals will not add much to the weight of backpackers are carrying. Live the moment like a true local for a very affordable rate.

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